when you have depression
it’s easier to do things

what I mean by this is,
if you get up
before the phone rings
before she asks you anything
before you realize the bills are due
before anything can fuck your day
if you get up
take a shower
put on deodorant
cut your nails
put on socks and shoes
if you do these things
before the day fucks you
you will have accomplished something.

if you wait
for the phone to ring
for someone to yell
for the bills to come in
for the dogs to bark
you will put it off.

you will.

you will look at the dirt
under your long nails
the callouses on your bare feet
you will smell your stink
your crotch
you will sit in dirty clothes
days since your last shower
light a cigarette and say,
“I’ll do it tomorrow.”

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  1. True and beautifully said !

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