getting fat off the salt of your tears

when you read a book
and the book has a little kid
or a dog
or someone who is sweet
just know that the author
will have that person or animal
by the end of the book.

because they want awards.


you see,
if you cry
or want to kill yourself
by the time you finish that book,
it will be something you have to tell
someone about
you will tell them
how you cried
how you wanted to
kill yourself
people will talk about that
it’s called…


that stupid BUZZ
is what the newspapers
(are those still a thing?)
the bloggers
the writers
will talk about
that will get the attention
of the people
who have been selected
to be judges
on awards panels
that will give them credit

then the publishers
will push those tear-jerking
to those things
so they can have
a little badge on the cover

when they make the next printing
for B&N
they’ll get shortlisted
then they may even win!
then the little badge that
destroys the books cover
can be even bigger

then, maybe B&N
will put that book on a table
up in front
with other books
that kill kids
and other things
for no reason.

Matt, you’re being cynical.
don’t be such a dick, Matt.

but ask yourself
that book you read
that had the person or animals
killed, murdered or just
had them die,
ask yourself
if the point of the book
could’ve been reached
without the death
if so,
the writer is either a sadist
or the publisher is a
misery merchant
getting fat off of
the salt of your tears.

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  1. I remember that Larry McMurtry stopped writing for months after he completed Terms of Endearment. He was depressed and mad at himself for killing off lovely Emma, Aurora Greenway’s daughter.

    I guess he didn’t want his books up at the front of the store with the 50 Shades of Gray things.

    • haha. no shit, man. I hit a writers depression after finishing the fourth Black Star book because I knew the fifth one was going to be brutal and that a lot of the characters that I had created and spent so much time with weren’t going to make it out of there alive.

      Black Star is very different to what I was talking about above, but in terms of your comment, that hit home. Hope you’re healthy right now man.

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