hellish peace, you horrible bitch!

peace is awful
but good in theory
in idea

it gives those who are wary
something to look forward to

but once you have it
you know it won’t last
you wait
for the other shoe to drop
the bomb to blow
the woman to scream
the door to slam

it is the anticipation
that is the true evil
the second hand moves slowly
like a slug on the sidewalk
almost moving backwards

you know it’s coming
you know it’s a matter of time
the waiting room

can’t think of anything else
self sabotage
just to speed the fucker up!

when the chaos comes
you greet it with a smile
no matter how bad it is
the wait is over
anticipation gone

this small war
will last only seconds
maybe minutes
but this will be precious

and when the door
slams again
the loud silence
will envelope you
lips will quiver
your heart will race
the clock will mock you
as sweat beads
on your forehead
you will try to sabotage
peace once more
and kill life before
life kills you

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