You have less than 24 hrs…

what this really comes down to
is what is art?

academics have tried way to hard 
to make sure
that people like you and me
don’t understand art
and to make sure
that we don’t ever attempt it without their permission.

this is bullshit.

if you have ever want to create anything,
Poetic Anarchy is for you.

I hate trying to lay on with the salesmanship stuff
I really do
but I truly believe in this.

we are going to learn and grow a lot
show the world our work
and put out a damn book!

if this is the kick in the ass that you have been waiting for,
please hit me up and let’s chat.

Poetic Anarchy starts Tuesday at 6pm PST. 
don’t be late and don’t miss out.

Check it out here

Talk to you tomorrow,

P.S. there are still 2 spots left and when they are gone, they are gone!

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