We’re Not Home… and do something good!

You can pre-order an anthology that I have a story in!

It’s called We’re Not Home

A Shade of Grimm is a new series of Horror Anthologies that showcases writers from all over the world. Each volume contains chilling tales, all linked by a common theme. All profits from A Shade of Grimm go towards supporting various charities.

Thirteen of the internet’s most twisted minds bring you We’re Not Home, a collection of travel and vacation themed horror. 

A mysterious town on the edge of nowhere, a hotel with walls as red as blood, a plane that landed without its passengers.
Pray that your next trip is not your last…

Planes or trains, sandy beaches or endless highway blacktop… nowhere is safe when you’re far from home.

  • In Front of Your House – Kate Cavanaugh
  • Not in Tamworth Anymore – Dane Cobain
  • The Cabin’s King – David Decero
  • The Ghost of Walt Whitman – Jeremy Fee
  • Auld Aggie – Andrew Lyall
  • Nine Seconds – Marie McWilliams
  • Last in a Long Line – Lydia Peever
  • The Starlet Suite – R. Saint Claire
  • Last Road Trip – Slaidey Valheim
  • 665 – Matt Wall
  • Karma Always Comes Back – Shay Warren
  • The Lords of Dusk – Jason White
  • Head in the Sand – Cam Wolfe

*All profits from this anthology will be donated to charities that provide books and educational material to communities in need. Currently: Books in Homes AU*

Get your copy here!

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