The Blood Rag

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Issue 1: I Am a Danger to Myself and Others by Beth Walker / The Werewolf by Jordan Parsons / Old Dicks by Bunny Wilde / poetry by Matt Wall 

Issue 2: blood is blood by Matt Wall / See You by Beth Walker / Bone Dry by Garrett Carroll / bathing in fish frames by Mike Chaos / Money Madness by lunar sunlight / Feed Me by Bunny Wilde 

Issue 3: The Man with the Mouth Harp by Beth Walker / Soul Vampire by Garrett Carroll / new ashtray by Matt Wall / See you next Tuesday by B. L. Koller / Dermatillomania by Slaidey Valheim 

Issue 4: Dripping Words  by Slaidey Valheim / The Dark Stairs by Thomas Kropp / Limits by Tim Johnston / SubCon by Nate Colton / Psychopath in Training by Mindy Semingsen / Don’t Eat The Bananas by Bunny Wilde / a perfect poem of rhyme, repetition, alteration, consonance, assonance, form etc. by Matt Wall 

Issue 5: Murder Couch by Joshua Edwards / DESTINATION AS AN UNFINISHED POEM by Keith Phillips / when people love me by Matt Wall / Tsunami by Nate Colton / Memories by Lisa Tuttle / Every Breath an Exaltation by Dimitri Reyes / Memo to a Celebrated Mediocrity by Matthew Buckley Smith / Replace by Jeff Taylor / 212 degrees by Shockie G 

Issue 6: Sonnet for My Daughters by Matthew Buckley Smith / Crescendo in a Bottle by Ethan McGuire / Dead Milk = Cheese by Allen Mahan / illuminate oblivion by Matt Wall / The pizza place right across the street from me… by Garrett Carroll / The devils hour B.L. Koller 

Issue 7: New Year’s by Ethan Mcguire / The Cause of Her Tears by Mark Renney / Manhattan nights B.L. Koller / sitting in a room with poets all talking about the poetry… by Matt Wall / Public Statement
by Matthew Buckley Smith / UFOs in Utah by Allen Mahan / America the Drawl by Garrett Carroll 

Issue 8: Land of the Fire by Rich Boucher / I am not who I thought I was by TT Conley / NOW by Matt Wall / Mirrors by B.L. Koller / 6-word flash fiction by Robert Fleming / Cologne by Shaylynn Marks

Issue 9: Melvin by Matt Wall / squirming by Shaylynn Marks / Wolverine by Ethan McGuire / TikTok, Tarot Card, Solicitation by Michael Lee Johnson / fuck me marry me by Robert Fleming / Human Cost of Doritos by Rich Boucher / writers block by B.L. Koller / rock the addled mind by TT Conley / a cold shoulder by so poetic

Issue 10: south chicago night by michael lee Johnson, the red cross ran out of blood by robert fleming, romance by rich boucher, sky watching by adam crawford, i know by bunny wilde, your friends by matt wall, he tells me by chase delaney, blister by mark renney

Issue 11: one thousand by tim johnston, raindrop baby by michael lee johnson, we watched a filmstrip by rich boucher, strange thought by matt wall, cut up by mark renney, mr. killjoy by bunny wilde, i gave them my soul by chasey delaney, no sick pay for poets by r. clark

Issue 12: lift you up, put me down by Shaylynn Marks, good job by Chasey Delaney, Man’s Mother by Bunny Wilde, Misfits Poem by Adam Crawford, Old Enough to Remember Being that Young by Rich Boucher, mattray by Matt Wall

Issue 13: 1st anniversary issue! Jump by Steven Bruce, Musings on Roe V. Wade by Tamara Albanna, Technostitous by Ethan McGuire, fudge brownies by Shaylynn Marks, Shaved Head Poem by Adam Crawford, Matriarch by Shane Brewster, a common mistake by Matt Wall

Issue 14: a friend shows an interest in poetry by Alice Allan, the last time i slept outside by Brian Bruce, scar by Jason White, where the end begins by Garrett Carroll, …and it’s big by Matt Wall, brotherly shove by Michael Centrone, bowl of black petunias by Michael Lee Johnson and humanity lament by Steven Bruce

Poet of the Year 2022/2023 Edition – Bunny Wilde:8 poems by Bunny: keep smoking, drown, you choose, leftovers, dig in, see you burn, the sky you love and the heart lies!

Issue 15: bout by Steven Bruce / summer is dying by michael lee johnson / cleaning glass by garrett carroll / husk by matt wall / I’m Saving My Good Poems for The New Yorker by adam crawford / mercies by chasey delaney

Issue 16: a night out by keith phillips / feels like by jeff taylor / no satisfaction by jeff white / wednesday 9:45pm by brad crownover / seven butts by qg pennyworth / frida knew by gabby gilliam / its halloween by matt wall / soap bubble poem by adam crawford

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