If I Could Be Like John Carter

If I could be like John Carter

I take off my clothes. I stand outside, in the cold night air, lit only by the moon. I lift my arms. I stare up into the void of space. My eyes set themselves on a star. The star is so bright. It’s color changes from white to red to blue to yellow. I want to be there. I want to be on that star. I feel weightless. I stretch my arms out as far as I can and I am suddenly lifted off the ground. The cool air on the bottoms of my feet give me a shock. I move faster and faster upward. I don’t look down but I know that the ground beneath me is getting farther and farther away. I focus all my energy on that star. My brain begins to ache with the strain. I am getting higher and higher. I can feel the air thin in my lungs. It’s becoming harder to breathe. There is pressure in my ears. I can feel blood trickling out of my nostrils. I scream and there is no sound. My body beings to freeze. My eyes feel like they are trying to escape from my skull. My head…

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