The Robot

life is so depressing
and death so permeant
what is one to do?
what is one to think?
how does one go on?

robotic feelings
that must be the only way

If I go that route once more
I will have to say goodbye to this

when they make me a robot
I cannot write like this
I cannot open my soul
because I do not know my soul
I am not required to
my soul becomes a closed off
hard drive
full of data
that will remained untouched

that is
my next break
my next episode
my next system failure

my dose will be upped
sometimes doubled
and in only three weeks time
system override will be complete
and I can go on
without tears
without emotion
without drive
I will once again be a soulless
member of our great society
with a half smile
and only these words
to remember
what it was like to live

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