silent scream

there is this sad woman
who works at the gas station
she doesn’t cry
she doesn’t look like she had been crying
she just looks sad
she looks like she has had a life
a life that Hollywood would make a bundle on

every time I go in there
she smiles
makes small talk
in a very soft voice.
she is middle aged with freckles.
tiny blue eyes that peak
through her face.
she is slight and small,
very friendly,
yet there is a huge sadness there.

she had her arm in a sling for a few weeks
a while back.
she was sad then too.
her sadness
her bright eyes
her smile
her small talk,
it all screams at me.
I mean it SCREAMS!!!!!!!!!
bloody fucking murder!

she smiles and tells me
to have a nice day.
I say the same to her
and walk out the door.

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  1. This reminds me of when you wanted to save that Elizabeth Shue doppelganger from the Peggy Sue Diner in the middle of the desert.

  2. I have zero clue as to why I remember it – other than I thought you were crazy because she DID NOT look anything like Elizabeth Shue, but you were obsessed anyway, lol!

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