organized religion

I’m not a fan.
those two words I don’t think should ever go together
I think if someone
has faith or religion
that is their business and should stay that way.
I learned early on
that the biggest problem
with organized religion
is right out of the Bible
when you put “men” in charge of a religious group
it will always go to their head.
how could it not?

I was at church, when I was high school.
the pastor was telling a story one Sunday
about how his biggest sin
was reading the newspaper while driving.
God didn’t want him to do it
so God made him not pay attention and get into crash.
he rear ended some lady.
everyone applauded at the work of the Lord.
what the hell is going on?, I thought.
it came out a little while later
that he gave hepatitis to his wife.
he got it from fucking prostitues.
he stepped down.

and now you know,
reading the newspaper,
is a bigger sin
than fucking hookers.

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