madness in a 25 inch circumference

brain is reeling
I don’t know how to stop it
or if I should
so many thoughts
they are competing for
real estate in my grey mass
that big fucking noodle
that just seems to get me in trouble
by not acting when I should
too much time thinking
it just
never shuts up
how the fuck am I supposed to
concentrate on anything
when this mass of shit keeps
fucking with me
I have to referee my thoughts
it’s like a battle royal in there
who will win?
fuck if I know
it seems to just go on forever
o, to be simple minded
how nice it must be to have
running through that tissue
what is it like?
how do people deal with that?
do they just watch tv
with a smile
decide everything is okay?
what the fuck do they do?
why am I not one of you?
why does this happen?
why can’t I have a calm mind?
did I piss someone or something off?
can’t I be simple?
I just want peace!
my brain is like ten thousand
trains heading
for one junction
with hundreds of cars to each
filled with people
noisy people
who can’t shut the fuck up
all on a collision course
they will die
all of them
in the crash
in the flames
and I will have to cipher
the meanings of all the
between all of them
all at once
I may be going mad…

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