let’s get this straight

let’s get this straight

I write for me
not for you
but at the same time
my writing is for you
and not for me.

let me explain

I write to get things off my mind
out of my brain
I do this so I don’t hurt people
I am a creator
and I create
it’s what I’ve always done.
but once it’s finished
it is dead to me.
it means close to nothing
the job has been done
the mission accomplished
the need served.

but then I gave it over to you
for you to piece together
for you to experience
it may help you through some tough times
it may be fodder while you’re on the can
it may be impactful
it may be shit
but at the end of the day
it’s yours.

many of you would say
I got this from Bukowski
but really I think I got it from Neil Young
with everything I’ve done
it’s all one take and done.
music in the studio was one take
making movies was one take
writing novels was one take
I never edited my writing
it was a moment in time captured
and I’ve always felt that way about
everything I create.

don’t hold me to anything.
I’m nothing but a guy that writes.
just like I won’t hold you to anything
the reader who reads.

I hope you understand
and I wish you well
this poem is for me
but now,
just for you.

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