a darker Santeria

I was dating this chick
years ago
on our first date
she took me to a bodega
where she bought a live chicken
and a bunch of other shit
we went back to her place
and she cut the chickens heads off
while chanting
and draining all the blood
into a bowl
this wasn’t for me
I walked into another room
and watched tv
she told me that she was
training in a
darker form of Santeria
a couple weeks later she told me
that her ex was dead
she was very happy because her
shit worked
I was just worried about
wronging her
then about a month later
she came to my place
and showed me this white gown
she got for her ritual
to become a high priestess
and in the morning she was leaving
for Haiti
I asked if it was safe
she thought it was
we spent the rest of the night
as we normally would
she stayed over and I
vaguely remember seeing
her leaving through my sleepy eyes
she was off to LAX and I was back to sleep
I never saw her again
I don’t know if she succeeded
or failed
but it’s been almost 20 years
and I’m still kicking

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