over on Nana

doing things evolution never intended for us we tempt fate every time falling from the sky that we had no business in hurtling towards the earth we should never have… Continue reading


listening to a song that I first heard when I was about 12 not long after that I fell for a girl who loved the band that this song is… Continue reading


I couldn’t find the rat trap it had been missing for a week or so I figured one of those bastards got it’s tail in it and dragged it away… Continue reading

feeling taller

I went out for a walk today there were feelings running through me that I couldn’t explain or didn’t know how they worked inside of me confusion was everywhere in… Continue reading

the last

getting up today was tough I knew what it was knew what was going to happen wasn’t sure how’d I feel but knew I’d feel something today was your last… Continue reading

how to suicide

suicideI don’t understandwhen other people do it though it makes sensefor mewhen I think of it I just hatethat everyone does itwhen they are so sad I would feel much… Continue reading