trying to find an apartment


as you walk into this 1970s
Highland Park beauty
you be

it is located
to Eagle Rock

the entire apartment
has been
completed painted

the living room
has a large window
that looks down
on a lively courtyard
and opens up to
the kitchen

there is a beautiful
subway tile
and a breakfast bar

adorable bedroom
in nicely sized
w/ a spacious closet
and includes A/C unit

this apartment is
minutes to downtown
which is filled
w/ trendy shops
and authentic restaurants

my inquiry:

i don’t like
being shouted at
i’ll let that go
but what is
completed painted?

do you have an apartment
where you can reach
the kitchen
without having to crawl
through the living room

i had to google
subway tile
although nice
it is quite small
could i possibly get
a breakfast bar
with more than one
subway tile?

i do have a lot of vinyl records
so the closet with A/C is great
but what about the rest of the
does it come with A/C as well?

i’m not too concerned with
trendy shops
i think what worries me most
is that i never knew
there were such things
as authentic restaurants
it makes me think that
some of the restaurants
that i have been
may be fake
or inauthentic
how can you tell?
do they have to post a sign?

i would love to hear back
from you
about the rental requirements
for the apartment

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