this giant scrotum
with an orange mullet
walked across DeLongpre
to show me an apartment

there was a slit
across the ballsack
and vibrations
from vocal cords
projected from said slit
that formed words
that were laced with

the building was strange
i had to walk sideways
through the whole thing

i kept trying to ask questions
and she would interrupt me
saying stupid inane things

she had the personality
of a plastic shopping bag
filled with watery shit

“what are the rental requirements?”
i asked

“standard” the ballsack growled

“what’s that?” i asked.

“the standard!” it belched
“it’s the same everywhere!”

“but what does that mean?”

“STANDARD!” it vomited

i thanked it
walked sideways through the door
she followed me
saying things
she thought i should already know

i left the disembodied scrotum
in the dark lobby
knowing less
than i did before our encounter

I hurried to my car
and decided that
that building
was not for me

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