hard ass men

I look out my window
to the street below
and I see all sorts of hard cases
mother fuckers that wouldn’t
blink twice before
slicing open your belly

these fuckers strut
up and down the street
not giving a fuck
faces like steel
fists like boulders
birds know not to fly by
when these fuckers hit the streets

30, 40 hell even 25 years ago
perhaps even last week
the sight of these
hard ass men
would have
scared shitless
phoning their local PD

but today
as I watch these men
these men that I admire
they walk and stop
then turn around
and wait
for their pomeranians
or chihuahuas or shitzus
or yorkies
to come running back to them
after pissing up
the tire of some car
or taking a shit
on the sidewalk

I think we’ve come a long way
as a civilization
as a society
and I’m glad
I live in a world
where hard ass men
can wait around
on little pussy dogs

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