Poetic Anarchy Press

Poetic Anarchy Press is my publishing wing. All the books, chapbooks, broadsides, serials, zines, etc. Anything printed that I’m a part of, is through the imprint Poetic Anarchy Press.

Matt Wall: Get my chapbooks, zines and broadsides here
Get my ebooks and paperbacks here

Bunny Wilde: Get The Potato Manifesto here
Get Monsters in the Mouth here

Poetic Anarchy anthologies: pick yours up here

The Blood Rag – Short poem, single sheet poetry zine.
SUBMISSIONS: Send 1 poem 14 lines or less to i hate matt wall at gmail dot com. Make sure to type Blood Rag Submission in the subject line and include your mailing address so i can send you copies upon release.
Get your copy of The Blood Rag here

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