Ep. 106: Bukowski & the Pinball Wizard w/ Michael D. Meloan | I Hate Matt Wall Poetry Podcast

Get Micahels book Pinball Wizard at http://www.pinballwizardbook.com topics: mediation religion bukowski rambling jack elliot notes of a dirty old man LA free press larry flint chic magazine writing advice from… Continue reading

Ep 105: Bukowski the Role Model? | I Hate Matt Wall Poetry Podcast

should we look up to Charles Bukowski? Should we look down on him? get matt wall books: https://amzn.to/3OKPufL Join the Anarchy Crew to get access to perks: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCa_Bj_lFQ5nCbM6flBlKhYA/join Take my… Continue reading

Ep. 104: Changes in the LA poetry scene & your comments | I Hate Matt Wall Poetry Podcast

If you will be in the LA area on Dec. 2nd and want to come to the F U Party, let me know! ASAP! topics: cyber monday deals how the… Continue reading

EP 102: Why people don’t like poetry: TS Eliot, modernism, the good of instapoetry | I Hate Matt Wall Poetry Podcast

topics: Send h8 mail to i hate matt wall at gmail dot com LOL sleerickets secret show walt whitman ts Eliot ezra pound modernism and post modernism the beats instapoetry… Continue reading

Ep 101: Prostates and Poetry w/ Ethan McGuire | I Hate Matt Wall Poetry Podcast

topics: MFAs Workshops being a working writer what covid did for writers the importance of getting thrown in the deep end the art of promotion publishing is evergreen Bloodshed Review… Continue reading

EP. 100 Q&A Spectacular! I Hate Matt Wall Poetry Podcast

thank you all for listening to 100 episodes and here’s to 100 more! if i missed your question write me and let me know. i already missed some and have… Continue reading