Ep. 35: What is Your Poetry? w/ Matthew Buckley Smith | IHMWPP

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Ep. 34 Critics and Cockroaches | w/ Matthew Buckley Smith |IHMWPP

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Ep 33: Listener Questions | IHMWPP

#poetrycommunity #poetry #podcast Topics: My knee problem Big Swinging D’s of the Poetry World Publishing Kids Books Trusting yourself as an artist Staying current in the Amazon and Etsy algorithm… Continue reading

Ep. 32 – N.P. Hunt Interview | IHMWPP

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Ep. 31: Poet = Cringe? | IHMWPP

#poetrycommunity #poetry #podcast Topics: Retraction Do you need to know what your poem means in order for people to like it? Why are poets ashamed to call themselves POET? I… Continue reading

Ep. 30: Me Reading My Fave Poems | IHMWPP

#poetryreading #poetry #podcast Topics: Dealing w/ Nancy Charles Bukowski Al Purdy Holly Day Neeli Cherkovski John Berryman Douglas Blazek Matthew Buckley Smith Bunny Wilde & Me 🙂 Use the promo… Continue reading

Ep. 29 – How Poets Overcome Fear – IHMWPP

#writingtips #poetry #podcast Topics: Poetry Says Podcast www.poetrysays.com Poets being cautious and weary What are poets really afraid of How to make sure that poets don’t fear anyone Writing Prompt… Continue reading

Ep.28 – How writing poetry can help you finish your novel w/ Roy Gilsdorf – IHMWPP

#writingtips #poetry #podcast Topics: Roy Gilsdorf’s book Aphasic Tongues – Get it here: https://a.co/d/aOL7d4w how writing poetry helped him finish a book that was taking him nearly 20 years to… Continue reading

Ep. 27 – Responding to Your Comments | IHMWPP

#writingtips #poetry #podcast Topics: Writer’s projecting insecurities: https://youtu.be/TupNoi98vjQ Terror Vs Horror: https://youtu.be/vxT2vJ6Wt1k For Future Generations: https://youtu.be/st1zJ3j-MHI What makes a school or movement? https://youtu.be/qJnmqDVJhxM Identifying the problem with your manuscript: https://youtu.be/lfTsTFjhlYQ… Continue reading

EP. 26 – Matthew Buckley Smith P.2 – IHMWPP

#sleerickets #poetry #podcast Topics: what makes poets embarrassing. the difference between a embarrassing poet and an embarrassing poem. common numbers of copies of poetry books. rod McKuen. what makes a… Continue reading