My head was shaky. I couldn’t remember where i had been and why I felt so nauseous. As I flipped through the images in my mind of the events that seemed the most recent, none of them made any sense. The pictures of my hands reaching out and grabbing things from different tables and cabinets went by so fast that the montage became a disgusting animation that made my stomach turn and my head pound in pain.

The one constant in those frames of memories were her. Her face. Her hair. Her eyes, cat like in their appearance, beautiful in their way, but a closer look showed that they were actually windows into madness. I could see the insanity looking back out at me, smiling, but not friendly. I didn’t know why she was there. I didn’t know how she inserted herself into my memories. Part of me didn’t mind, but I knew that the sickness i was inflicted with was due to her.

The images that flashed by my minds eye slowed. They appeared with the beat of my pulse. The sound of my blood being forced through my veins, speeding through my brain, causing great pain. With the images slowing, I could make her out more clearly. Her smile was clear and bright. Her teeth shined and reflected the light in the room to an almost blinding light. She would bite her lip lightly and grin.

I noticed also that her hands, her arms, moved fast though everything else in the room, in my memories, were static pictures. Her arms were moving so quickly, that they were just a blur at the bottom of my vision. I believe things were handed to me. I believe things were forced into my mouth, but because of the speed, I couldn’t be sure. 

I looked down at my hands and saw that my fingers were not my own. They looked different somehow, they bent back in a way that was unnatural. My fingers seemed to become fluid, as if there wasn’t bone beneath my skin but rushing water. I stared at them and movement hypnotized me, to the point where I almost forgot the woman that was just a foot away from me.

The palms of my hands were starting to change as well. The skin looked damp. The color was fleeing and they took on a disgusting translucent hue. What may have been boils began to rise on the surface… 

I had to look away and when I did, the madness in the woman’s face was so severe that fear overwhelmed me. She was laughing hysterically but I heard no sound. 

I didn’t know if what I was witnessing was ‘now’ or ‘then’. I couldn’t make anything out. I tried to scan the room and it was alien to me. It was dark, it was damp. The smell of mold and vermin filled my nostrils and this made the nausea I was feeling already to swell in the pit of my stomach. I had to forcibly swallow down a mouthful for vomit for fear of what would come out. I noticed  wooden rafters above my head and darkness in the corners of the room. I looked above us and saw an extremely bright lightbulb hanging a few feet in the air.

My eyes looked to my left and I saw a small table with empty brown bottles turned on their sides, rolling slowly back and forth as if we were on a boat, being rocked back and forth by the waves. There was one bottle that stood on the table. Her quick hand snatched it off the table and before I look back at her, I found my choking and gaging. I felt something running down my throat and causing me great pain. My eyes finally made it back to her, just in time to see the giant funnel who’s tube was already halfway down my throat and chest, pushing into my stomach, being forced into place between my lips. She bite the cork off the bottle and poured it’s contents into the funnel. I could feel the pressure as it ran down the tube inside of me. My eyes melt as though they were melting in my head and the throbbing of my brain had finally become too much for me. She grinned and looked at me with those beautiful eyes and the stench in the room became more than I could handle.

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