i think that there are less
less creators
less poets
less imaginaries,
than ever before.

synthetic serotonin
changing our brains
making us happier
or at least

in decades past
writers, poets, etc,
didn’t have this need
for illusionary bliss
that rode a constant.

they felt like shit
wanted to die
wrote about it
got drunk
got high
beat the shit out of something
wrote about that
and slept the rest of it off
by their own will
or not.

those people lived with the pain
the evil
the demons
and created

we don’t understand that now
western society is very quick
to throw pills down your throat
of varying colors
that bring happiness
the difference here
is that if you STOP taking these
you will drop to the depths
like never before
worse than if you ran the route
of our forefathers

the blade will feel softer
the noose will feel warm
the gunshot will feel like a kiss

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