a weird night

sitting there,
on my bed,
I was warm and tired.
my head and shoulders felt as if
they weren’t attached
I wasn’t anxious for once
that was nice.

before I could do anything
to stop it,
my face,
slowly slipped down off my skull,
slid down off my chin,
down my shirt,
until it came to rest on my lap.

I looked up at my head from
my crotch,
saw a smooth place
where my face should’ve been.
my beard was gone as well,
it must’ve been attached to my face.
when I looked at my head
there was no nose,
no mouth,
no eye sockets,
it was perfectly smooth.
everything must’ve stuck on my face.
it took me a minute to process this.
I remember thinking to myself,
this could be a problem.

I heard a woman’s voice,
it said, “that’s weird.”
it was, so I didn’t argue.
I tried to scan the room to find her but
I felt the bed sink a little
like someone sat down on it with me.
I strained my eyes, then gave up.
I heard the voice again,
“it’s really, really weird.”
it really, really was.

I’ve had worse days.

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