to Bernie

I try not to get involved with politics
it seems to always cause fights


I was raised Republican
in the Reagan era
but soon found that my own
were fiscally right leaning
and socially left leaning
which made me feel like
a moderate.
I never really voted because
I live in California
figuring that the state
votes a certain way
and my vote wouldn’t
really matter.

when Trump was first running
I thought it was a great idea
just to get politicians out of
the White House.
I felt if anyone else won the 2016
it would just be more of the same.
I was uninterested.

my wife was very adamant
that our president should be
someone that you look up to
someone that inspires you.
I always wanted He-Man
or Hulk Hogan to be president
someone who would kick ass
and ask questions later
or not at all.

we started watching the Democratic debates
at first, just for fun
to watch people argue
to laugh.
after watching two of them
something changed in me
things you said began to ring true
in my mind and my heart
battling with core beliefs that I carried
my whole life.

I am 42 years old
for the first time in my life
I felt inspired by candidate
I felt hope
hope for change
a better tomorrow on the horizon
I understood finally what my wife
had been trying to say to me
how hope could change the world.

with the current crisis
you inspired me again
your words rang true louder
than ever
while others hid or bullshitted
their way though speeches
you rang true
you gave me hope.

I feel since I’ve been hearing you
that I have actually been a better
something that I never thought
my cynical self-loathing self would
ever allow.

today, you suspended your campaign.
today, my heart broke.
right now, I hold back tears
tears that I never thought
a politician could ever make
in me.

I’m not mad at you
I just want to thank you
for the hope you gave me
when I didn’t think I was
capable of having any.

you’re a good man
Bernie Sanders
thank you.

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