you don’t own these songs

I was listening to Joy Division
it reminded me of someone
I knew, that liked them.
I didn’t like that.

I listened to pil
I hadn’t heard that song since the 80s
it reminded me of when I liked it.

I heard The Smiths
that first song I heard
so long ago
that I loved
it reminded me of simpler

Spellbound came on
it reminded me of her,
but not really her,
more of her friends.
I didn’t like that too much

why do so many songs
remind us not of feelings
but of people?

I wish I could remember the feelings
that would be great.

I could remember good times
before they became bad
I could just feel the love
the lust
the fun
without all the shit
without all of the “them’s”

I am taking back music.
I am taking back all those great songs
that you have held hostage
in your prison
in my mind.

you don’t own them.
I will place them with
different memories
and associate them with
my feelings
not what the repercussions
of those feelings provide
but simple moods
and good feelings
of good times.

you should do the same.

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