we’re in the home stretch

hey there everybody!

i hope you are all well and safe.

this week coming up is the last week for the campaign for THE END OF EVERYTHING. so i will be hosting livestreams all this week on my youtube channel 

that will be monday through friday. i will be doing it in the morning and some in the evening so if you want to stop by there will be a time for you.

we are still a good ways away from the goal, but i think that we can really make a huge dent in it this week and every little bit helps.

thank you so much for your support and hope you tune in next week!

ONLY 8 DAYS LEFT to pick up my book THE END OF EVERYTHING available now at Indiegogo!

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  1. Looking forward to some live streams! I’m on the east coast so it should be perfectly in the afternoon for me 🙂

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