the gun was pointed at my face
it was only about 2 feet from me
I could reach out and touch it
if I wasn’t frozen
it was a Glock
I was looking down the barrel
it was dark in there
a void of blackness
I didn’t know why there was a gun in my face
but there was
my boss was sweating like a pig
he was a big fat mess of a man
aging not well
dents in his skull
almost hairless
everything was moving in slow motion
I couldn’t hear anything he was saying
it was all underwater mumbles
I could see his damp sausage fingers
the one on the trigger was the one I was worried about
I felt like I should put my hands up
but felt that any movement
would send him into a fit
bigger fit than the one he was having
he had never done anything like this before
when I had gone into his office
but today he did
and today he was screaming
I don’t know how long I stood there frozen
but the sound of the door next to me
broke me out of catatonia slightly
it was his underaged wife
and their 5 year old daughter
out of the corner of my eye I could see
that they weren’t nervous
they weren’t shocked
he didn’t look shocked that they were there either
this had to be something that had played out before
he kept ranting about some shit
I was still not listening
I never once thought about anything other than
“holy shit, he might shoot me”
my life didn’t flash before my eyes
I didn’t think about my family
I was just confused
his wife said something
and he took the clip out of the gun
finally taking it away from my face
I almost sighed
then he pointed it at me again
he reminded me that there was still a bullet
in the chamber
then I was able to hear his words
he said, “I only have one fucking bullet,”
then he pointed the gun at the one-way window
looking out at the bar,
“and I could still take a few of them out
just shooting them down in a straight line”
he put his gun in his briefcase
and walked passed me
his wife, very calm,
said, “see you Monday”
the door to the office shut and I was alone
wondering what the fuck just happened
turns out that he ended up getting arrested
for embezzlement, fraud, statutory rape, bestiality
and child porn

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