a jobber named Soo

when I was in high school
there was this friend of mine
named Soo.

he was fucking hysterical
all the time
I never remember him in
a bad mood
or down,
he was high energy
all the time.

he had a dream back then
he wanted to be a wrestling

which meant that he wanted to be
the guy
that got his ass kicked
by big name wrestlers
on house shows
and the like.

he wanted Hulk Hogan
and Randy Savage
to beat his ass.

it always boggled my mind
because I never understood
why he didn’t want to be
the champ.

he was content in just
getting his ass kicked on TV
every week.

he would mimic wrestlers,
do the moves,
but always saw himself
as on his back
looking up at the lights
on the 3 count.

I never understood it.

it’s 20+ years later
and I wonder if his dream
ever became a reality?

I have seen a pic of him
with his beautiful wife
and family.

he looks well off,
very well-to-do.

I wonder what he’s doing now?

I don’t think being a jobber
would give him the life that
he has now.

I knew people in high school
who had big dreams
but they were always the famous one,
never putting anyone over,
never laying down for
someone else’s career.

the mindset Soo had
always made me wonder,
but more than that
it made me realize
what a genuine person he was
and how there aren’t that many like

most people want limelight
want the glory
want to be the champ.

but what no one realizes,
what no one remembers,
is that Soo WAS the champ
and probably still is.

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