first dates are rough

it was 3 or 4 in morning
she came to my apartment
banging on the door
I wasn’t asleep
but I was drinking
listening to oldies and doo wop
feeling sorry for myself
sad that there weren’t girls
singing love songs about me
she came in like a hurricane
like someone was chasing her
she weighed about 98 Pounds
and it was all head and hair
her eyes were the clearest blue
and like the sun
if you stared at them too long
you would go blind
she wanted a drink
it was hot and I was drinking
cold Pinot
she wanted something harder
gave her a glass of whiskey
she shook like a
leaf on a tree in the wind
I didn’t ask what the fuck happened
I knew it was coming
she said she was on a date
they went back to his place
did a bunch of coke
she was telling him a story
he wasn’t responding
so she continued
(I can vouch that this chick
could run a yarn until it died
5 times)
then she noticed his lips getting darker
but kept talking
an hour or so went by
then she checked
no pulse
she waited longer
telling him stories
about when she was
a ring girl
hoping he would wake
but knowing he wouldn’t
about four hours went by
he was a different color
a darker blue
she was going to clean the place up
but knew the cops would look
at that as a murder and someone
cleaning up the scene
so she took most of the coke off the
putting it in her purse
leaving a bit so it looked legit
she was about to leave
then went back and
pulled his wallet out from
under him
she took the $37
went to the fridge
found two Bud Lights
put one in her purse
opened the other
took a long pull
while staring at the corpse
then left
calling no one
coming to my place
cuz she knew I’d be up
she finished a couple more drinks
snorted another line
then we went to bed
she fucked as if she needed to forget
tears ran down her face as she came
I thought I should be afraid of her
but felt indifferent
she left in the morning
before I woke
leaving her panties
with her alibi set
she never came by again
but I will keep up my side
of the story
if anything ever comes of it

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