the lesser goldfinch & me

wind blasting the trailer
I thought for sure it would tip
on the creosote outside
a lesser goldfinch wrestled
the harsh gusts
it held on
as the bush looked as if
it were doing the limbo

I knew nothing of
the lesser goldfinch
turns out
they are migratory birds
that are found along the west coast
from Washington to Venezuela

I saw it as a sign
what freedom that bird has
I decided that I would
backpack down the coast
walking to South America

my family laughed.
is it so stupid?

walk along the beach
fish when hungry
sleep when sleepy
write on my phone
take the little solar pack
for power

have an adventure
an experience

is this what is known
as a mid-life crisis?

I think me crushing a man’s
for talking loudly
in the grocery store line
would be a bigger crisis.

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