why is poetry not very popular? she asked

people have been led to believe
that they are too stupid to understand it
because every fucking crappy
cocksucking fucking college prof
who was a failed poet
who now just teaches people what poetry is
explains to them that poetry
is fucking complicated
and obscure
and that you have to use form

form is dead
it is fucking dead
it’s as dead as crunk
you know what I’m saying?

you shouldn’t have to go out
buy a dictionary
to read a book of poetry
poetry in it’s simplest form should be saying
something complicated in a very simple way
using as few words as possible
if you want to use a bunch a big words
and as many of them as possible
go write a fucking novel
and call it:

“sucking my own dick,
my trite fucking penis
by cocksucker of the universe”

poetry seems like something that
very effeminate people are into
because that is the way it has been presented
yes there are effeminate people who are into poetry
but there are also very masculine people
who are into poetry

it is a type of therapy
type of expression
I would never say someone spilling their guts on paper,
wasn’t a poet
even if I thought it was complete and utter shit
because it IS poetry
is it good?
but it’s poetry

that’s the reason why poetry is not popular
because the fucking gatekeepers
these fucking form nazi fuckers
that make it what it is
have made people believe
that it is a complex thing
that not everyone can master
the only thing that they can ‘master’
is masturbating
so fuck them

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