feeling taller

I went out for a walk today
there were feelings running through me
that I couldn’t explain
or didn’t know how they
worked inside of me
was everywhere in my head
my body
my feet…

I stared at my feet
seeing them jump out
in front of the other
carrying me down the street

feet are strange creatures
all their own
what the fuck are they doing?
and why?

my feet probably hate the shoes
I made them wear
but I bet they like the shoes
more than getting a bunch of gravel
stuck in them

the point of all of this is
not the walk
not my confusion
not my feet

I felt taller than I ever have felt
I was a fucking giant
I towered over things
it was surreal
I felt huge
like I could walk through
trees, walls and cars

my pace picked up
I even felt a smile creep on my lips

I heard footsteps behind me
I didn’t want to turn around
because I was a giant
didn’t want to scare anyone
then the steps grew louder
they were quicker than my own
along my left
this girl
probably 14
zoomed by me
walking and fucking around
on her phone
she was my roughly height

I was no longer tall
I was no longer a giant
I was no longer huge
or massive

I was just the older dude
that got out walked
by some 14 year old girl

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