I couldn’t find the rat trap
it had been missing for a week or so
I figured one of those bastards
got it’s tail in it
and dragged it away

I was loading up the car
getting ready for a trip
to the dump
and in this cabinet
I found a dead rat
in the trap

I picked up the trap
when I did
the rat’s body split in half
the head and the spine
and all the rest of the bones
were hangin off the trap
but the whole underbelly
and everything inside
were stuck to the wood

when it split
thousands of small white grey
poured down onto the ground
covering my bare feet

I tossed the trap
watching the maggots
squirm in the hot sun
trying to dive into the dirt
I picked up the cabinet
shook as much out as I could
then took it to the car
I had to lift it at a funny angle
to get it in
then hundreds of maggots
poured out
down my shirt
all over me

I couldn’t handle it
soft white grey bodies
almost transparent

I began to smash them under my hands
my fists
smearing them all over my shirt
my car
I started gagging
nothing was coming out
I felt them all over me
they had fallen into my hair
my beard
my ears
I couldn’t breathe

I screamed
pulled the cabinet out
smashed it into pieces
caught my breath
and drove to the dump

another day
with another problem
that wasn’t a bill in the mail

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