a doozie of a day

The landlord
came over this morning
Illegally of course
They needed to put in
A fire extinguisher
The dogs barked
My mother called
Many times
I didn’t answer
My sister called
To find out why
I didn’t answer
my mom’s calls
I called my mom
She needed me
To buy Xmas presents
For her on Amazon
I had to explain
That I couldn’t
Click a link
In a picture
She took
Of an email
With hyperlinks
The printer
Wouldn’t print
My trial for Photoshop
My wife told me
We were $43 dollars
Short on the rent
That would come out
Of the bank
Any minute now
I took her to work
Driving behind the old
And the tourists
The ATM was broken
I stood in line at the bank
To tell them it was broken
They already knew
I wondered why
There wasn’t a note
But didn’t want to yell
I walked across
The parking lot
Used a different ATM
Pulled $180
Walked back to the bank
Deposited the money
Waited in more lines
My wife dodged my calls
I went home
I took a piss
It came out in
Three streams
Going everywhere
But the toilet
I cleaned it up
On my hands and knees
And hit my head
The dogs barked
I saw that my daughter
didn’t take out the trash
The trash truck
Already left
Two weeks now
Of garbage
Burnt my mouth
On coffee
On a burrito
The dogs barked
I waited for a delivery
It never came
I ran out of toilet paper
While sitting on the toilet
My daughter
And her friends
Are making a mess
In the kitchen
Trying to make
They yell
The dogs bark
They laugh
I have gas
My head spins
I haven’t had my pills
In three days
I begin to cry
There is still
six hours left
In the day
I am nervous

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