battling for my addiction

human friends are dangerous
I can’t imagine
caring for a person
as much as I care
for my computer

I grow attachments to things
that cannot by their nature
let me down

though last longer possibly
than a computer
are fallible
they will let you down
it’s in their nature

taking away
my ability to shed
my anger / rage / sadness / etc
makes it fester inside
I need my computer

does that make it a drug?
am I addicted to writing?

I guess so and I guess I am

at one point
writing gave me a high
a rush
and now
all these years later
I need to do it
to just maintain

you can take a lot of things from me
and I’d let you do it
a lot
of things

but if you fuck with my
writing machine
I’ll fucking kill you
take you to the hospital myself
make the doctors do everything they can
to save your life
just I could fucking kill you again

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