motives are everything
nothing happens without them
whenever you hear bullshit
you always have to ask

why would covid
be a hoax?
who gains from lockdowns?
who comes up
when masks mandates
are put into effect?

the only logical
answer to any of this
is to stop a pandemic

this isn’t fascism
this isn’t a way to sneak
foreigners in
this isn’t a ploy by the dems
to get the right in a stranglehold

you have to ask questions
you have to seek the motives
too many people are sick
too many have died
hospitals are overrun

what are the motives
of the government
to continue this?
how could the hospitals
rig themselves to overcapacity
with all the deaths and
turning people away?
for what reason would this
make any sense for anything?

this isn’t political
it never was
get vaccinated
take care of the people around you
we have to look out for each other
no one else will
remember that all your politicians
Fox News
all these people you get your info from
they are all vaccinated
they are fucking with you
they are mobilizing you
they are playing you
for their own needs

if republicans really cared
for their supporters
they whould push them to get vaccinated
because if they don’t
their numbers will dwindle

but I guess the go to response
would then be
that the dems are killing the right
so they could take over the country
with their satanic baby eating cult

this country is a joke
the media is fucking disgusting

just fucking ask WHY!
the only sheepeople I see
are ones who believe the lies
the conspiracies
and the bullshit

the numbers I have seen as of now
are 1 in 5 will get or have had Covid
and 1 in under 500 who get it, DIE
people who do not get the vaccine
are 10 times more likely to be hospitalized
and are 11 times more likely to DIE

if we can’t get everyone on board
the only end to this pandemic
will be Darwinian
we will have to wait
until the stupid die off

it may not be a bad thing
but the media and politicians on the right
will still be running their lies
because they’re vaccinated!
I guess we wait
until their voters
their viewers

it may not be a bad thing

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