silicon thoughts

while i was taking a piss
i was thinking
barely paying attention
to what i was doing

i thought to myself
“i wonder what life would be like
if i got breast implants?”

the thought didn’t stray
after i thought it
like most thoughts do
when they pass through my brain

this one stuck around
like gum on the bottom of a shoe

how would my life be affected?
would i get farther?
more friends?
more admires?
more gigs?
what would it be like?

i wouldn’t go for any tiny cups either
if i did this
it would be whole hog
giant monstrous things
would this be a good look for me?
would i be able to pull it off
with the way i look and dress now?
would my ripped t-shirts
even fit me anymore?
would i start an onlyfans?
or a tiktok?
what would be the point?
the endgame?
why would i do this thing?

i hate going to the doctor
i’m terrified of surgery
i would be murder while healing
maybe this is just a really bad fucking idea?

i don’t know anymore
i’m on my 5th or 6th
vodka and water
and it’s 11:47pm
i’m not tired
and if i was
how could one even go to sleep
with thoughts of huge
silicon titties
bouncing around their mind?

i guess i could mull over the racing form again
there’s a pick 5 at parx
and a pick 6 at sam houston tomorrow
gotta get my head on straight
some questions
are better left unanswered

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