LAST CHANCE to save $$$

Today is the last day to pre order the fourth Hank Bradshaw book, Dead Dame Curse!

The book goes live tomorrow, June 7th!

If you order today, you can get the book for only $2.99!

You can get your copy now and save $$$ by clicking HERE.

The story is this: Private Detective Hank Bradshaw, is hired to keep the peace during a family intervention in an old house in the country on a dark and stormy night… But, when one of the family is murdered before the intervention can get underway, the small town police force decide to keep everyone on house arrest at the manor until the killer can be caught. Can Hank catch the murderer before anyone else is killed?

I’m also going to be hosting a livestream release party tonight on my youtube channel! Make sure you click over there, subscribe and turn on the bell for notifications so you’ll know when i go live!

The only way to find out is to pre order your copy NOW!

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