Blood Rag POET OF THE YEAR Shortlist!

Shortlist for the 2022-2023 Blood Rag Poet of the Year is here!
Thank you for casting your vote!

With over 30 nominees this year for Blood Rag Poet of the Year, your votes have narrowed it down to 6 amazing poets!

Click here to watch the video announcement of the shortlist!

All this week on my youtube channel and on the I Hate Matt Wall Poetry Podcast, I will be highlighting the poets in the shortlist.Sunday, July 8th at noon PST, there will be a livestream on my channel where I announce the runners-up and crown the first ever Blood Rag Poet of the Year!

The winner will receive an issue of The Blood Rag with just their poems, that will go out with every Poetic Anarchy Press order for a year for free!

Save the date and subscribe to my youtube channel so you know what’s up!

If you want to look at all the poets from the last year, you can read and download all 12 issues for FREE!

Congratulations to the poets who made the shortlist and i can’t wait to see you all live on the 8th!

Type Hard everybody!

Matt Wall
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