Ep 22: Why are poets so F’n SLOW? IHMWPP

Topics include: Why are poets so slow? First Kiss by Tim Seibles I read my poem First Kiss What metaphors are actually for Who are you writing for? Can you… Continue reading

Ep 21: Death of the Author + Revisions – Reader Trust = BS _ IHMWPP

Topics include: Sims Library of Poetry Death of the Author Revisions and Reader Trust Cliche more make your work mean less I read my poem Poetry Whoreywood: Confession of a… Continue reading


Hello everybody! Come join me TONIGHT at 7pm for a FREE Poetic Anarchy Crash Course! Hosted by the Sims Library of Poetry in Los Angeles. It’s virtual and anyone can… Continue reading

Ep. 20 – Admitting I’m Wrong – Imposter Syndrome vs Workshops – Competition – IHMWPP

Topics include: Sims Library of Poetry Imposter Syndrome VS. Workshops Competition between schools of poetry Writing Prompt Sign up for the crash course at www.simslibraryofpoetry.org/events My video on Imposter Syndrome… Continue reading

Ep. 19 – Bunny Wilde Interview – I Hate Matt Wall Poetry Podcast

Get The Potato Manifesto hereGet Monsters in the Mouth here On this episode we talk about starting writing, living in Germany,Bunny’s experience in Poetic Anarchy and Bunny’s new chapbook The Potato Manifesto…. Continue reading

Ep. 18 – The Literary Canon is Stupid – I Hate Matt Wall Poetry Podcast

Topics include: My YouTube drama The literary canon is stupid Writers who don’t write enough Launch parties seem stupid too Pick up The Zombie Zero books at my amazon page!… Continue reading

Ep. 17 The Field of Dreams Myth and is 1st Thought Really Best? I Hate Matt Wall Poetry Podcast

Topics include: How artists fuck up the meaning of Field of Dreams How i use First thought Best Thought and am I doing it right? Pick up The Zombie Zero… Continue reading

Ep. 16 – Can You Make Money With Poetry? I Hate Matt Wall Poetry Podcast

Topics include: me trying revision me reading my poem: literary podcasts me getting mad at a girl who got mad that someone was better than her me explaining why revisions… Continue reading

the jacarandas have bloomed

jacaranda flowers litter the sidewalk like roaches and bubblegum they have been blooming for weeks now but no scent none of that aroma from my childhood that makes me feel… Continue reading