Ep. 91: Bullying, Cancel Culture, Dogpiling & Victimhood in Poetry | I Hate Matt Wall Poetry Podcast

Check out my video on starting your own small press and find out how to submit to Poetic Anarchy Press! https://youtu.be/6GKi8Rg7zn4 Topics: Lit Mag News article by James Diaz https://litmagnews.substack.com/p/its-time-to-confront-conflict-in… Continue reading

Ep 83: Emmalea Russo is exactly what you think she is | I Hate Matt Wall Poetry

Check out “Refuse-to-do-so” Russo as she cancels herself. Don’t check it out, but if you have to: https://compactmag.com/article/purity-policing-is-poison-to-poetry you can watch the video version of this podcast on my youtube… Continue reading