you beautiful thing, you!
you have brought me so much joy
the last three months
i don’t know what i would’ve done
without you.

you died yesterday.
it broke my heart.
you broke my heart.
you got me through one of the hardest times
in my life.

you looked like a little baby chick.
like a toy chick.
you were big and yellow
but fit perfectly in my hand.
the red button
looked like your beak.
i don’t know why i did,
but early on in our relationship
i took the metal guard off of you
that made the flint wheel
look like your eye.

you were with me everywhere i went
i loved you so much!
without you
i couldn’t have had coffee every day
you lit the stove
you lit my cigarettes
you lit my candles
you lit up my life
those three dark months
where i never thought i would see light again.

after some beer and some wine
i tried to light you
to see your flame
and you were gone
i held your beak down to my ear
and heard no gas
i tried to light my cigarette off the stove
then remembered that i needed you
to light that as well.
a tear rolled down my cheek.
a chapter of my life closed
as your entire existence did.

i left you on the counter
but i think my wife threw you away
i haven’t seen you.
i don’t think a dead baby chick could walk.
i’m not mad at my wife.
she never knew how i felt about you.
to her, you were just a broken Bic.

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