baby, baby!

baby, baby!
it’s all fucked up!
it’s shit, baby!

what is? she asked.

me! I’m shit! I’m all fucked up!

what are you talking about?

it’s my writing, baby! it’s shit!


it’s all about crap, baby, crap!
all I am writing about now is either
taking a shit,
going to the doctors,
going to the post office,
chicks I fucked 25 years ago!
25 fucking years!
I’m fucking writing about going to

so, what’s wring with that?

what’s wrong with that?
it’s shit!
where the fuck is the danger?
where is sex?
where are the dark fucking souls?

she shook her head.
you are being ridiculous.
someone needs to talk Walmart.
someone needs to be the voice
of consumerism in America.

fuck that, baby! It’s all shit!
I’ll end up with so much material
that I’ll end up writing a book

I think you should, she said.

no, baby! It’s all shit!
fucking strike me down
someone up there!
it’s shit!
it’s all shit!
there’s no desire.
there’s no flame.
it’s like fucking the mundane!
no fear!
it’s all over!

she sighed,
well, she said, I’d read it.

you would?


he took a fork out of the drawer and
bent the a couple of the prongs down
he stuck them in the light socket

everything was dark.

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  1. Hell is Walmart is Hell. The devil is not full of passion and desire, as we assume, devising schemes of ruin. The devil is the faceless guy calling for a price check for the 16 ounce box of macaroni.

    Write that Walmart shit, man. Dive deep into the bloody guts and shit that erupt out of you. Probe deeply enough, and you’ll find that bauble you accidentally swallowed a year or two ago, now birthed again into the world, but with a new and darker perspective.

    If you have one good reader, there’s your passion right there. Something glorious about a single interested reader. A female reader that you can potentially mesmerize, and you’re not hacking away at the typewriter?

    Holy shit, what are you thinking???

    • that’s beautiful man. You should publish that! I sometimes wish that I was a competent publisher. I would publish the crap out of you! 🙂

  2. Huh. Looks to me like you *did* publish it, right here on your ever-more-interesting website. Thanks, man!

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