Liquor Shanty

when I was a kid
I would get a few bucks
or a dollar
and my friends and I
would ride our bikes
or scooters
down the street
to the corner
of Lincoln and Moody
to Liquor Shanty

they had everything
wrestling mags, comic books,
garbage pail kids, sports cards,
arcade games, candy, soda, etc.

we would pool our money
in order to have the best time
the longest time possible

that’s what I thought ‘liquor’ meant
fun for cheap
hours of enjoyment

as opposed to now what it means
temporary pain relief
an escape from my bullshit
fun for cheap
hours of enjoyment

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  1. I just looked it up, and found that I could get an original (1985) series of used Garbage Pail Kids cards for $4,500.00.

    Guess I’d better stick to Labatt’s.

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