hot heat

the heat is so friggin’ hot
it’s unbelievable
everything is hot
it’s 11am and it’s already 106
I sleep naked on the floor
the sweat rolls off of me
sometimes I don’t know
if I’m sweating or if I’m
actually melting
I lean towards melting
I put on my clothes
which feel like
they have been toasting in a
preheated oven overnight
I sit on the toilet
the seat is hot
I feel blisters on my skin
the air is hot
it hurts to breathe
the air is still
but every so often
a gust blows through
blowing even hotter air
and sand on me
I feel as though the flames
of Hell
would be a cool spring
compared to this
I just have to wait it out
the sun will go down eventually
and then it may drop to 98 degrees

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