Hey there all!

I thought I would drop a line here and let everyone know what’s going on.

We have been moving and it’s been slightly troublesome but am hoping that will all be cleared up by the weeks end.

As far as what my plans are for here, my writing and my work, this is what I’m doing.

I will continue to post here as daily as I can. I really feel good knowing I can write something and publish it in the morning, getting it out there to all of you. So this won’t change. 

As far as the newsletter goes. I have been very taxed about it and it has been practically nonexistent. I want to change that.

So, the plan moving forward, is that every week those who have signed up for the mailing list, will get an exclusive story or poem in the inbox.

If I’m having any sales or deals on my books, you will be the first to know. 

If you haven’t signed up for the newsletter yet, please do.

Another nonexistent thing that I pretend I do is the Patreon. 

This is going to be a big part of moving forward for me and here is why:

I will be posting exclusive content there weekly.

It will be stories and poems, but also readings, livestreams, Q and As and what have you.

When you sign up for it, there will be tiers

The first tier will give you access to everything that happens on the Patreon page.

The second tier will give you a free chapbook whenever I make them. Right now I’m looking at probably every two months, but it could be as often as every month.

These chapbooks, will be special editions, different than the ones I will sell on my site. The covers will be different and they will have low run qualities and will of course be numbered and signed. 

There will also be a third tier, but honestly, I have no idea what that you entail at the moment. So TBA.

Make sure to follow me on Youtube because I’ve been doing a lot of readings, writing tips, and other general awesomeness. 

If you have any ideas on how to make this better, I am all ears. Please drop me a line at ihatemattwall at gmail dot com and let me know.



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