that stink

I fucking hate
the smell of other peoples books
when you borrow a book
it has a smell that isn’t yours
it feels dirty
it feels like you have done something wrong

it’s worse when you buy a second hand book
it is now your book
you now own this book
but it stinks of someone else
it reeks of it
all you want is to crack it open
finger through its contents
but you can’t
because that awful foul stench

you have to keep it around for awhile
not too close
and hope that your stink
can wash off
the stink that was there before
it burns in your nostrils
and you really want it
but know you can’t

you can also put it out in the sun
for a couple days
I even know people who put books in the microwave
but then I would fear
that smell would get in
a cup of coffee I’m warming up

I stare across the room
at the stinky book
who’s insides
I want inside me
you fucking tease!
I’ll rip you to pieces
from your spine!

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