I didn’t know
memorial day was coming
until I drove down the street
to a sea of large
American flags
waving in the wind
from telephone poles

it used to be just
the influx of people
coming here for their
precious 3 day weekend
that set me off
but this year
this time
it is more than that
so much more

the sight of the flag(s)
blowing around
like they own the joint
is bad enough
but even the colors now
strike a nerve in me
I think it’s the
idiotic people
that have formed a cult
around the flag
to worship their
almighty trump
the lunacy
the disgusting nature
of these supposed
god fearing people
their hate
their racism
their lies
it’s just fucking disgusting
they have tarnished that flag
they have turned it into
a damn prop
that means next to nothing
outside of their politics
hatred and lies

this isn’t the same country
that my grandfather fought for
in WW2
this isn’t the same country since
Korea or Vietnam
hell, it isn’t even the same country
that is was
during Iraq 1 or 2 or even Afghanistan!

this is new
but it had been festering underground
for far too long
so long
that when it finally showed up
most of the country
didn’t even think it was real!

I’m s sick of humanity
keep your fucking flag
empires were made to crumble

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