my tampon

this page
this paper
this is my tampon
it absorbs the blood
that flows from me
the blood of my heart
I shove this tampon
up the cunt of my soul
so I don’t leak blood on things
so I don’t spill blood on people
if I didn’t have this tampon
people, places and things
would be covered in my blood
my screams, my cramps,
would be heard for miles
in every direction
and the only thing
that would be able to stop me
are those bullies
who were once bullied
so long ago
they would have to come at me
with their badges and guns
make their tiny explosions
hurling lead at me
filling my torso
with brand new cunts
that some doctor will try
to dam with new and different tampons
I’ll look into the green jumping line
listen to the beeps
and the beeps will change
to a single tone
a smile on my lips
my eyes will close
and eventually
my blood will stop pouring out of me
and I will finally be dry

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