answers to questions about poetry

poets today
have no voice
there is just a group
collective consciousness
words and phrases
that you are allowed to say
that won’t be frowned upon
everything sounds like
everybody else
you can put anyones name
on any poem
and no one would be the wiser
it’s sad

rhyming poetry is not good
it has to be done with great class
and that is not something anyone
seems to be able to do
certain poets have ‘go to’ words
it gets old
some example:
bed, dead, head, lead etc.
rhyming poetry for me
is a short little mystery
where I have to figure out
what the last word of the next line will be
and then I get there, find
that I didn’t like the choice they made
this scheme takes away from what the poet
is trying to say puts the focus
on something else
that isn’t important

Dr. Seuss was the worlds best rhyming poet
once he showed up
everyone else should’ve packed their bags
and got a job in retail

poetic form is dead
I hate form
I understand it exists
there is history with it
but when you hear
talking about perfect form
it makes me think that they don’t
care what is being said in the poem
caring more about rules
than words and lines
is disgusting

I am not looking
on how to structure sentences together
I am looking to express my soul
like a fucking zit
that if I don’t pop it
it will engulf my entire face
when I squeeze it and it pops
the puss gets all over the place
gets all over you
that’s what I want to have happen
I want to puss on you
that is poetry to me
I want it to smell
I want it to stink and be sticky
be hard to get off
that’s what I want

when I’m looking at poetry in form
I’m consistently looking to see if they
fucked the form up
I can’t read it without counting
trying to see if it’s done correctly
form is dead
has no place

there needs to be more humor in poetry
it takes a very wise person
to bear their heart, their soul, their shame
and be big enough to see the humor in it
and poke fun at it at the same time
that is a talent
there are poets that can do this well
the people who can do it
you will find endearing
the people who can’t do it
you will find pretentious and trite
and quickly forget about them

there are no elements that contribute
to good poetry
good poetry comes from the poet
the poet is the shooter
the poets use of language is their gun

blood blood blood blood blood
and more blood
cut your wrist
cut your throat
pull out your teeth
blow your nose
shit on the paper

you have to be you
every time you write something
you commit suicide
just a little bit
have little deaths
it should hurt
you can have a beautiful joyous poem
there just needs to be genuine emotion
not canned laughter
you can write that shit
but two days from now
no one will remember it
let alone who wrote it

you have to be able to
slip the noose around your neck
jump off a building
and know that it’s gonna hurt
when the rope pulls tight
but if you can swing back
and break that window
fly in
cutting that rope on broken glass
as you do
you can write another day
it should be dangerous

I feel that my silence on certain issues
is ripping me up inside
a friend said to me,
“but in this climate
you can’t do that
it would be literary suicide”
it broke me inside
there should never be any limits
to what you can and cannot say
in poetry

keep it simple
use as few as words possible
that cut the deepest

social media
has compressed our language
so much
that I don’t know why
there isn’t a renaissance of amazing poets
you have been trained already
in how to do this

do not use words
that you would never use in speech
you lose your voice and that is not you
do not try to stump people with words
that’s not poetry
that’s showing off
and no one cares

drink coffee and wine
smoke a lot
get beat up
get your strings cut
type hard
type fast
type daily
type drunk

just always be typing.

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